Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gainful Employment (with unusual benefits)

So, I was without a job for nearly two years. I've been trying to make the art work into a full-time career, but since I'm also at UNM full-time, well... it's all about time or the lack thereof, isn't it? Or maybe it's about drive and the lack thereof.

At any rate, it was looking like unemployment was coming to an end and student loans would just barely cover my expenses with no room for pesky things like food and gasoline. Wonder of wonders, a few weeks ago I got a phone call from the owner of the appraisal office next door to the one I used to work for, and he offered me a job.

I watched how this man treated his employees for about 3 years. He is consistently kind and respectful - a real gem of a boss. I also know and like all of the other employees, so no surprises there. I was really hesitant because I don't want a full-time position right now on top of my two other full-time positions. But Gareth (the boss) said he'd work with my school schedule until I finish, and even at part-time, I can afford to pay my bills. :)

Don't think I'm giving up on the writing and art dream. It just takes the pressure off of it a little.

Merry Christmas to me, and to all of you.